it’s that time of year where everyone exaggerates their expectations of self control. in my case i want to bring as much content, fun and intuitive, to all wanting to see it. If it’s only me then my following is %100 awesome.



“fuck fireworks dude, too words…glowing fire tornado” weird things happen in holland.

who you gunna call

imagine the roaming charges when you accidentally call the wrong number from space. apparently its easy to miss a number dialing out and call 911. I would love to see that call transcribed. “hello 911 operator”…click. they call back Houston picks up.

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photo by: nasa

photo by: nasa

spaced out

China saw mulan, “the dark side of the moon is very mysterious” lets find out whats going on.

meanwhile NASA’s like lets throw a satellite at an asteroid to see what happens.

what? a war in the stars


just found out there is a 1978 star wars holiday special. featuring all original cast following chewy back to kashyyyk for a holiday with the family. apparently it’s almost unwatchable. Ima gunna watch it. so this will be a christmas present from me to yule.